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Re: Re: Pulling head off the ball during the swing

Posted by: mike28nc (mikelamb68@hotmail.com) on Fri May 12 00:34:28 2006

> > My son has been using rotational hitting mechanics for about 9 months. Lately, he seems to be pulling his head during his swing, and thus, making poor or no contact. Could this be the result of over emphasizing the rotation of his lead shoulder to the catcher? Or is this simply a point of focus where he needs to concentrate harder on not rotating his head during the swing? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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> The likely sources could be 1) not watching the ball long enough by not keeping his head down 2) stepping in the bucket (or bailing out with the lead foot 3) being to pull conscious (quick hip) 4) being too close to the plate which makes him have to bail out in order to make full extension 5) trying to swing and or hit the ball to hard
I try not to tell kid to keep there head on the ball. I try to point out to keep the chin tucked to the lead shoulder and then swap it to the back shoulder. I also dont make any ref to eye on the ball. I like to say keep the nose pointed to the ball. That seems to help a ton.

I would say use tee drills to do this. Set the ball on the out side of the plate and have the kid look where the pitcher should be. Have him act like he is tracking the ball back keeping the nose on the ball path and swing. You can tell if the chin is not tucked in. If the chin lifts just alittle the head will pull out.



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