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Re: coach pitch

Posted by: mike28nc (mikelamb68@hotmail.com) on Fri May 12 00:49:07 2006

> My son is playing coach pitch baseball this year and many of the parents are saying the pitcher is throwing the ball too hard and at a straight line. However, most of the kids are hitting the ball pretty well, just not always consistently. I feel like if the kids can hit it, then the faster the better because the ball comes off the bat faster. Is this correct?
Faster pitching is a way to maybe to get the kids to swing the bat hard. Yes the ball will come off the bat harder with faster pitching but sometimes at that age. If you slow the pitching down the kids slow there swing down. Meaning slower batspeed. I remember reading that for every 1 mph pitching speed you get 1-3 feet of travel. For every 1 mph of batspeed you get 5-10 feet of ball travel. Batspeed is where the pwr is.



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