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Re: Re: Re: Hips, how they turn

Posted by: mike28nc (mikelamb68@hotmail.com) on Fri May 12 00:57:26 2006

> Matt,
> Anytime that you are working with your swing and your body starts to ache, something is very wrong. Go back to the basics; work on soft, toss, tee work, and live pitching. Above all else, try not to change your swing so much. You almost certainly will never be consistent at the plate if you constantly change your swing. Find a swing that you are comfortable with and STICK WITH IT, no matter what. Your body has to get used to the new muscle memory that it requires for you have your desired swing. Also Matt, try not to cram everything in a short period of time, at least until you start sticking to ONE hitting style. The good thing that seems to come out of your situation is that it doesn't seem that you let anyone change your style, you changed it yourself. Never let ANYONE change your style, be open to suggestion, yes, but... nevertheless, you're gonna be ok. Keep working on it. "Great hitters are made not born. They're made out of hard work, commitment, and sacrifice."- Rogers Hornsby (TSoH)

If your back is hurting then I would say your trying to do to much and the body is working against it's self. Like the above post said. You need to get back to basics. Tee drills and soft toss until you find your swing.



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