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Re: Curveball

Posted by: Kevin Fink (kfink042aol.com) on Sat May 13 11:30:46 2006

> How can you know the curveball is pitched and then hit it? Thanks
You have to be watching the game. In the early innings, watch the pitcher. You can see if he tells or telegraphs his pitches, for example, he drops his arm down on the curve ball does something different with his glove or release point. Or maybe hes setting patterns as to when he throws what. But most of all you have to be thinking in the batters box. You have to look for something that your gonna get, for example, if you hit the fastball well early in the game, then sit off speed until you get two strikes.Another key point is to know where to hit the breaking ball.DO NOT TRY TO PULL THE OFF-SPEED STUFF!!!!If you do, thats when you hit a weak grounder to second if your a righty or to short for a lefty. Try to hit the junk opposite field or up the middle. If you do, you'll hit a bomb. if you have any other questions, dont be afraid to ask. Good Luck!
-Kevin Fink


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