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Re: Was George Brett a linear hitter?

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Mon May 15 14:36:38 2006

> I recently finished Charley Lau's Laws on Hitting. Mentioned in the book, was George Brett. He is "supposed" to be the classic example of linear hitting. I went looking for photos of him and I found a good one of him in the swing.
> http://www.peavynet.com/news/stride/.htm
> Now, this picture doesn't look too much like front hitting. This looks like rotational hitting at its best to me. Any thoughts?

George Brett is a linear hitter as it relates to Charlie Lau Sr.s' definition. Why? Because most of his weight is on his back leg. He does make a slight movement inward with his right foot from which he rotates his body around in order to hit. So in that case you could say he uses rotation in order to hit as well. I have come to the conclusion like others on this site, that most hitters use a bit of both. Unfortunately many successful coaches Lau and Williams included were laymen with regard to explaining concepts and though they know and saw a lot with regard to hitting, they often did not explain correctly/fully what they thought they were seeing.


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