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Re: Re: Re: Re: New technique?

Posted by: Dave P () on Fri Jan 30 18:19:56 2009

A lot of the top hitters in the majors have their back foot off the ground when they contact the ball. The back leg is driving to the pitcher and not sitting back. If the weight goes over the front leg then this creates drift forward and will lead to more ground balls but if you can keep your head from going forward during the rotation of the shoulders you can create tilt from the back leg drive.

Watch for back leg release like from Soriano, Pujlos, etc. during the contact.

Dave P

> If on the hip rotation and the shoulder follow thru, your sone is keeping his weight on the front foot or balanced between the two, then I don't believe you can get "Tilt". I beleieve Tilt provides the lift of the swing to achieve "frozen ropes". If the weight is balanced or on the front, then the ball will stay down and you'll get a lot of grounders. This is what my son does and I am trying to correct.
> Jack- Does that sound about right?


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