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Re: Sliding Hips

Posted by: joe () on Mon May 22 13:50:23 2006

>i have a great idea...he is 8 years old, juts let him be. go over "squashing the bug" with his back foot. have him stride early, making him hold his load position, then stress squashing the bug as he swings. that should be the extent of your drill work. throw too much at him, and you will lose him.

I have young hitter 8 year old that was a good hitter until a few weeks ago. Now the hitter is sliding from the rear foot to the front. Instead of twisting the hitter is keeping his hips parallel to home plate and moving the hips forward. Also because of this he is now dropping his bat parallel to the ground instead of coming to the ball. I have tried everything I know to correct this. Can anyone think of a drill or hitting helper to correct this?


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