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Re: Timing the pitch

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527) on Mon May 22 14:17:03 2006

> My daughter is a 15 year old fastpitch player. While in the batters box waiting for the pitch she has a habit of raising and lowering her hands about 4"-6" two or three times before she begins to move the bat towards the catcher. I belive she is using this as a way of timing the pitch. However, she is sometimes late to the pitch because she is still moving up and down when the pitch is in the air which then causes her to load late.
> Is there any kind of drill I could use to help her quite her hands.
> Or, is there another timing approach she could use that would not involve her hands.
> Thanks,
> Phil C.

The key is if your daughter is having success. If not a change may be necessary. With regard to the movement, generally movement is a good thing. Most hitters have some rythm and movement (which is one of Charlie Lau Srs' absolutes of hitting .300). She may need to just slow her movements (rythm) slightly, so that she will have enough time to react.


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