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Re: Your Answer

Posted by: josh (february203@hotmail.com) on Tue May 23 10:34:53 2006

> Hi Sam R,
> Perhaps if you spent more time researching on what I said in my March 2004, and less time belitting us with your infantile comprehension of semantics, my theory would make sense to you. First and foremost, unlike you, who do not give an email address when posting, I offer critics this option so that I can receive feedback on PFO, positive and negative. Last time I checked, at least in its initial stages, my PFO theory had more supporters than detractors. Perhaps people have also heard enough of your insults; if you want to deride others for merely the sake of doing so, pay to post on Nyman's site, www.hitting-mechanics.org. Now, I will get right to the point.
> My model, if you followed it closely, was never intended to impose on anyone's approach. If Albert Pujols likes to go the other way, let him go--after all, his stats prove he is confortable with that approach. The main reason I designed my PFO theory was to show smaller players who rarely hit home runs--and only over the pull field sense--that they did not necessarily have to concede to contact hitting. Instead of being table setters for home run heroes, they could achieve the same acclaim by using Batspeed.com mechanics to pull all pitches. As a result, they would gain the advantage of a 340 foot fence, and not lose any power by trying to hit 400 feet to centerfield, or even 340 feet when they are late on the ball, and hitting the ball the other way. The result is more home runs. (And these players do not have be concerned every time they are tested.)
> My theory is model, one that people can either employ, or disregard. I encourage all others to use, but if they find success another way, so be it. Please reread my March material--or go through my entire collection of posts from 2004 forward--before levying accusations. I am treating your insulting post as intelligently as I can.
> Best,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> P.S. This is my answer; should you need clarification, please point out specifics, and I will gladly clarify them for you.

couple questions how do u loose power hitting the ball to center field?next if some one is 5'9 170 pounds why would u wantin him pulling the ball and swinging for the fences. This type of hitter would have alot more success hitting doubles and triples in the gap using right and left center field.


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