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Re: questions

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Feb 4 10:14:50 2009

>>> I will try this again,I know a man that is a pitching coach in the majors,I talked with him the other day about hitting and he didnt really know about hitting in the terms that we do.He said if I had a list of specific questions he would pass them on to their hitting instructors,so I am putting some together and thought the website may have a few as well that might be good so if you do just put them down,I thought getting some intervention from what the majors are doing and saying might be a change to compare with <<<


Here at Batspeed.com, we use frame-by-frame video analysis of the best hitter's swings to verify the batting mechanic being discussed. However, in my discussions with MLB batting coaches, I was surprised that little video was used to analyze their hitters mechanics. They indicated video was used mainly in looking for pitch locations that gave the hitter problems.

I would be interested to know if one of their hitters is having batting problems, does his organization used video analysis to evaluate his mechanics. If so, what are the main mechanical flaws they look for?

Jack Mankin


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