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Re: Re: Re: Look at All the Facts

Posted by: BHL (Knight1285@aol.com) on Sat May 27 18:37:59 2006

Hi Anon,

"If you did in fact hit like that, pitches on the inner half of the plate would now be like pitches on the inside black, and pitches on the inside black would now be unhittable."

I beg to differ! Pitches can rarely pitch inside consistently anymore without being warned. This means that 100% of the plate no longer belongs to the pitcher--only 66 2/3% of it!

This statement is also without merit: "Since apparantally you are a 'scholar' and not a ball player, let me explain some baseball lingo to you."

Personally, I have seen my action on the field as a home run hitter in slo-pitch softball, and have acquired noble sucess by pulling every pitch.

By the way, with less than two strikes, the strike zone shrinks to less than 66 2/3%. This means that, with less than two strikes, a batter can look to pull all pitches, and pass balls up that they do not like. If, with two strike, the batter chooses to make contact with ball instead of swinging for the fence, then that is understandable.

This should prove that, contrary to your hypothesis, I do have a fundamental grasp of baseball.



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