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Re: Re: Choking up?

Posted by: jay (g.jay14@yahoo.com) on Thu Feb 5 13:15:06 2009

> Last night while i was watching the Giants game i noticed that Barry Bonds chokes up on the bat, maybe about 3/4 of an inch. I always thought that choking up made you make more contact. So sice Barry Bonds is a very strong guy would that be good to choke up because of his strength. So is choking up actually better if you have good mechanics and are strong.
> Hey Mike
> As Jack stated in an earlier message you have less arc with a shorter bat but can generate more batspeed, but with a longer bat there is more energy at the head of the bat, so in my opinion it is wiser to choke up and be quick, then to have a long bat with a wider arc and less control. Of course i would recomend the longest bat that you can use and still be quick and have it under control


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