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Re: Knight1285@aol.com

Posted by: The Hitting Guru (hitman3527@aol.com) on Thu Jun 1 19:11:18 2006

> Hi All,
> There are three different PFO types, which are best depicted with the ascending superlatives of good, better, and best. Let's take a glimpse at each of these hitting types in the order described above.
> THE GOOD PFO HITTER--This hitter can only handle a specific type of pitch in a specific area. However, when this hitter gets this pitch, more often than not the ball ends up in the seats. In order to ascend in the PFO ranks, though, this PFO must learn to hit a variety of pitches middle-in, recognize them, and hit them out of the park.
> THE BETTER PFO HITTER--This hitter can pull an assortment of pitches middle-in, but cannot deal with any outside pitches. In order to perform at his / her zenith, the batter must learn to master the latter.
> THE BEST PFO HITTER--This hitter can pull any pitch over any part of the plate with power. The most fascinating aspect of this type of hitter is that he / she exhibits no weaknesses.
> Note: While the first two hitters must protect the plate with two strikes, the latter has ascended to a level where PFO also covers two strike hitting!
> Best to All,
> Knight1285@aol.com
> P.S. Using Jack's mechanics and my approach will engineer future Triple Crown winners!


BHL. Thanks for the Mantle clip.

But with regard to your post I have the following comments respectively.

1. The good pfo hitter- that guy won't make it through the second half of a major league season. Big league pitchers will exploit him easily

2. The better pfo hitter- same as number 1

3. The best PFO hitter- Barry Bonds is the only hitter that can do this. But he can't do it against the very top big league pitchers.

I doubt if the last comment is possible either. In this day and age the only way to have a triple crown winner is for the overall league averages and hitting to be below average. Otherwise some player would at least come out ahead in one of the three areas to the detriment of the potential triple crown winner. The only player with a chance to win a triple crown is Albert Pujols. And you definitely can't win a triple crown if the defense is shading you to the pull field and you try to pull every pitch. A triple crown winner has to be able to hit the ball on the ground for some of his hits. Or he has to have speed. If you don't protect the plate, there is no way you lead the league in hitting.


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