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Re: Re: Re: Question

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sat Feb 7 23:04:59 2009

> Ok...I get that but if you were going to work with a player and got to the point where the player could stretch and get fully loaded would you tell him that his shoulders initiate or his hands initiate the top half of the swing?

The hands initiate the swing but not like most people or hitting instructors would think or describe. This web site describes top hand and bottom hand torque. In this sequence, both hands move back with the top hand moving back more and to the catcher. Read about top hand torque and bottom hand torque on this web site. I think it is referred to as tht and bht on this site.

Most people would wrongly tell you the hands move first and they move directly to the ball. This is a recipe for poor quality hitting that ensures limited power and is a guarantee to ruin a players chances to advance to different levels. I see all kinds of advanced hitting instructors espousing this theory/description and it is completely wrong. It will confuse kids and ruin any chances at ever having dynamic bat pop.


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