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Re: lack of power

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sun Feb 8 16:10:20 2009

> Hello
> My son is twelve and a good size athletic kid. He has always had a natural swing. He is right handed and has always batted left. Late last year he had a major power loss and can't seem to hit anything but grounders and little weak chip cut backspin ducks to the outfield. Almost like a cut in tennis. It is really frustrating him. Any suggestions to improve this and get his power back?
> david dimond

If you haven't already, you should buy the Final Arc DVD watch it first by yourself then with your kid. Also watch great hitters on mlb.com. The only things I have added beyond the concepts in Final Arc to my sons swing is weight shift by Charlie Lau which is go back then forward for timing purposes and pitch identification. I have him hit with a firm front leg as well to stop his axis of rotation from drifting forward. We work on seeing the ball so I want his head down on the ball and like to watch his eyes to make sure he is tracking the ball.


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