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Re: hands lagging behind body during swing

Posted by: Joe Hernandez (coach2hit@yahoo.com) on Mon Jun 5 21:54:57 2006

> I have a 9 year old son. His little coach keeps telling him that his hands are lagging "behind" his body (in terms of timing, not position) during his swing. In other words, when his shoulders start open up as he makes contact withi the ball, his bat is still pointing away from the plate, slanting towards the catcher, and not square across the plate to meet the ball. The "cure" we have been working on is to "shorten" the swing by bringing his hands forward before starting the arc of the swing. From what you are teaching, this sounds like the absolutely WRONG thing to be teaching. I believe what your are teaching, but I'm not sure how to fix this.

Sounds rather confusing, you write "In other words, when his shoulders start open up as he makes contact withi the ball, his bat is still pointing away from the plate, slanting towards the catcher,"...I have a hard time envisioning your son making contact with his shoulders open yet the bat is still pointing towards the catcher?

Let's take it from scratch...here is a short poem that a nine year old kid, with the help of his very supportive dad can use...follow it closely and see results. But do remember that he is 9 years old...don't over instruct and let mother-time be his friend and you his main cheer leader.

How To Hit

By Coach Joe Hernandez

How to hit a baseball
This is your quest
To be the best among all
Or at least your very best

Be careful of too much advice
By those who claim to know
Everyone claims to be wise
Including Coach Joe

Just stand nice and relax
With a comfortable grip
I will lay down the facts
About the role of the rear hip

Building a solid foundation
That is what hitting is all about
Focus and concentration
Will eliminate all doubt

It starts with the hands
That is your link
Good hitting demands
That you do not think

So hold the bat nice and relax
Make sure your grip is not too tight
As if you were holding an ax
Ready to strike with some might

Now go to a stance
That is comfortable for you
Take a look and a glance
At your front and rear shoe

Keep those feet align
And ready to go
Now you are in line
Heel to heel, toe to toe

Shoulder width apart
That’s where you must be
Hitting is science and art
Understanding this is key

Your weight is on the balls of your feet
With a slight forward bend
Ready to hit with the spot we call sweet
Close to the bat end

Balance is the key
With slightly bend knees
Hands held like an inverted “V”
So swinging can be a breeze

The hitting position
That’s where you are at
This is the condition
To be able to hit with a bat

Keep your rear elbow down
This is an absolute must
Even the Great Ted William frown
This myth he distrust

Hold the barrel’s bat high
With the handle near the shoulder
Just below your eye
To be a hitter and not a holder

Begin your stride
A few inches will do
Don’t step outside
Or you will be through

Stride short and firm
With your body going back
This will affirm
That you are on the right track

The hips lead the hands
With “knob” to the ball
After the front foot lands
That is it, that is all

Keep your eyes on the ball
Until contact is made
Make sure not to recall
Anything to make you afraid

Follow through with conviction
With a level swing
Make sure of no friction
To avoid hitting with sting

Practice often, practice long
But always practice with fun
Never practice to rush along
Work on your mechanics one by one

If you do as I say
You will become a better hitter
So says coach Jose
Hitting is not for a quitter

Great hitters are made
They are not born
With hard practice that paid
Those that do, need not “forlorn”

So let’s get to work
And have plenty of fun
Hard practice you cannot shirk
If you want to be number one
> Any suggestions on how to address this problem?
> Thanks!


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