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Bat size and weight

Posted by: laura (cantforgetmenow@yahoo.com) on Sun Jun 11 13:37:29 2006

My 9 year old is on a travel team. He and his dad picked out a new bat yesterday. Its a 30/17. My son loves it. When one of his coaches saw it he commented that it was too big. His sone uses a 29 /19. In my opinion the inch in length is not such a big deal and my sons bat is lighter. But the coach keeps commenting and has now made it an issue for my son. We can get him a new one and put the other bat away for a year but i wanted another opinion before we spend another 200 bucks! THe other issue is my son does not want to change bats.... Please help me do what it best for him and his hitting... is the coach just babbling or does he have a point?


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