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Re: Re: Re: timing

Posted by: mike28nc (mikelamb68@hotmail.com) on Tue Jun 13 22:52:31 2006


I have a son that is having same problem. He is only 11. He is using the 22 oz bat and thinking next year may go to -3.
I feel the best way to develope timming is practice. Seeing pitches and cage time. I have used the ball drill and that will help. In the cage we work hitting 4 buckets of balls. 1st bucket is just my arm getting warmed up and the ball can be middle in or outside. 2nd bucket is nothing but middle in. 3rd bucket is nothing but outside pitches. 4th is in and out pitches with change ups and curves.
The 1st three buckets are short toss about 20' from the batter. The 4th bucket is back at 53'. I feel this helps him. I hope this helps.



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