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Re: Re: Re: Re: soft toss

Posted by: rql () on Mon Feb 16 11:27:44 2009

> > > > just wondering about the value of soft toss as a hitting drill...
> > > > thoughts?
> > > > thanks
> > > > tim
> > >
> > > Good for adjusting to hitting and swinging at different pitch locations. Most
> important is to have good rotational mechanics as described on the web site. Tee work is
> also very good.
> > >
> > > As with anything and particularly athletics, learning a new skill or drill takes time to
> perfect muscle memory and can initially be frustrating.
> > I like front toss in behind a screen from 12-15 feet ,you can work in vs out accurately
> ,down vs up,underhand,then move back a little overhand,going from tee to straight toss
> then further back is a good sequence before going full distance for timing
> It's the off to the side soft toss that I'm really asking about. The coach sits across the plate
> from the hitter and tosses the ball in towards the hitter. Coming from that direction, the
> angle and arc of the ball are nothing like what the batter normally has to deal with.
> thoughts>
> thanks
> tim
your question is easier for the coach not better for the hitter,though at times you dont have access to a cage,just hitting into a fence before a game and it is all they can do,whenever possible front toss and work away then in then both


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