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Re: Re: Re: Hitting off the end of the bat

Posted by: Jack mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Wed Feb 18 09:20:35 2009

>>> thanks Jack.

I have been trying to teach him the rotational method. It's only been a month, so it will take time. I have him hitting into a bag and off a tee quite a bit. Just seems like live hitting he tends to revert to his old style.<<<

Hi Joe

What you have described is very common when a batter is attempting to change their swing mechanics. In many cases, they develop two different sets of mechanics. The first set is the mechanics they have burned in over the years from batting practices and game experiences. Call it "muscle memory" or whatever, it is a program of muscle contractions that is triggered whenever a batter sees an incoming ball. They do not have to think about this swing - it is just a natural reaction they have "burned-in" to a live pitch.

The second set of mechanics is developed when the hitter practices new mechanics. Here, the batter is usually working with a batting tee or heavy bag. Now they must concentrate on each aspect of the new mechanic. The new mechanics is not triggered by an incoming ball, but by some timing sequence associated with a fixed object. Therefore, in the cage or game, seeing the moving ball triggers his natural "burned-in" mechanics.

I would suggest that once the batter is performing the new mechanic well, with the tee or bag, let them begin adjusting their timing (trigger) to a moving ball. I use "soft-toss." Very slow soft-toss with plenty of arm motion so the batter can attain rhythm of the new mechanic to a pitching motion. If they start reverting back to the old mechanics (frame-by-frame video is very helpful), I go back to working on the bag. Never let them face an incoming ball that is faster than they can retain the new mechanics. Given time, they will burn-in the new program well enough for live pitching. -- It takes a lot of patience and hard work, but the results make it well worth the effort.

Jack Mankin


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