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Re: Rotational vs. Rotational Transfer

Posted by: kidwill (kidwill@rtecexpress.net) on Wed Feb 18 09:35:31 2009

> I don't understand how people can say the swing is purely rotational. These rotation hitting experts obviously don't watch as must video as they claim to. Watch 99% of GOOD major league, college, highschool or otherwise hitters and at CONTACT, the most important position in the swing, and their back foot is either barely touching the ground (heel to sky) or COMPLETELY OFF THE GROUND!!!!! That is a weight transfer folks!!! The swing is a amalgamation of linear and rotational movements, but there is DEFINITELY a weight transfer involved.

What about the momentum of the hips and shoulders rotating. This is what may cause the back foot to rise up.

Maybe the momentum of the rotationg hips and shoulders raises the back foot.


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