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Posted by: ray porco () on Wed Jun 13 18:03:10 2001

What turned you into a kinetic link man???Physics??????Crack the whip baby!!!!!!
> Hi Chris -
> Been drinking a lot of coffee this morning?
> The kinetic chain is how the body gets it done. But I look at the picture (upper left) and don't see a closed/rigid front side. I see a flexed front side, hips already starting to open and getting ready to open more as the front leg torques the front hip back (at the same time the back leg turns over and torques the back hip forward) : both hips turning around the stationary axis of the spine!!!
> ( and all that AFTER weight shift (notice the trailing shadow figures))

i don't think the "trailing figures" are trailing figures. i think they are replicants of the front figure. the stride foot hasn't been lifted. everything, - the bat, the head, the hands, the belt, remains at a constant level. batter would have had to slide the stride foot immediately along the ground.
have always been curious about that picture. not really fair to judge without seeing it in motion. but, first impression was and is that it looks lame. hope it wasn't jack at an early age.

ray porco


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