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Re: Swing changes??

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Mon Feb 23 09:55:58 2009

> I have a 14 year-old who during tee drills and soft toss has a mechanically sound swing and looks great. However, when against a machine or live pitching something changes. He all of a sudden starts to lead with his hands and straighten up off his back leg. His body is coming up and forward and he is not staying back on the ball like he normally does. Wondering if this is a timing issue or maturity issue? Is it possible his swing is changing and becoming too early because he is overly concerned with the ball getting by him??? Any ideas guys?? Thanks

If his swing speed isn't keeping up with pitching speed he may be trying to compensate by starting early going to the ball. If so, need to stress getting into the L or slot quicker and getting the bat on plane with the ball as opposed to making other adjustments. He needs to understand that drifting forward actually slows his bat down too much and causes a lot bat drag.

You can also tell him to finish his swing higher on his lead shoulder. It is hard to finish high on the swing and continue drifting forward. Also buy the final arc DVD on the site and watch good hitters on MLB.com. Watch both with him to make sure he understands. When you make a hitting change it doesn't feel right but if the change is correct it needs to be made and gotten used to.

Might be able to take a piece of rubber tubing around his waist and attach it to the backstop to try and keep him back so he can at least feel what needs to be happening.


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