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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The momentum factor

Posted by: mike28nc (mikelamb68@hotmail.com) on Tue Jun 27 23:54:12 2006

> Hi Dave & Tony
> At one time I held about the same views as you both expressed in your posts. But since then, I have read the results of tests ran by bat companies that have changed my mind. I will place below the address of a study that comes to the same conclusion as the bat company tests. Read it, especially the “Conclusion” at the end, and see if it changes your mind also.
> http://www.kettering.edu/~drussell/bats-new/grip.html
> Jack Mankin
It is all in two things. Batspeed and the weight of the bat IMO.

I went to buy slow pitch softball bat about 10 years ago. The guy at the store stated this rule he used:

You start off with the light bat. Watch the batspeed. Keep going up weight until you see massive drop in the batspeed. Then go back one. That way your swinging the most weight at the fastest batspeed. I feel this still is true.



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