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Re: Swift Stick

Posted by: ILCoach (dlindon@yahoo.com) on Fri Feb 27 17:29:07 2009

> I have been working with my boys in basically three cycles. Cycle one is about one week of heavy bag work. Followed by one week of tee work and then two weeks of hitting golfball size wiffle balls that I pitch to them. Then I repeat this cycle. This is my winter workout done in the basement. Mainly I have them use their regualar bats. Any comments or suggestions. How about using the swift stick to replace their bats. The boys ages are 8 and 9.

I use the golf ball size balls with my boy in the basement. I use the swift stik and another bat that is just as skinny, but allows you to add weight. That way my boy has the heavier bat, but also working on his hand to eye work with the smaller barrel. The swift stik is good to get more swings after they star getting tired with the heavier bat. Once they get tired their bat mechanic start to detiorate and the light bat allows thme to get more quality swings in im opinion. I truly believe if your player can hit a golf ball with a 1 inch barrel, then they should be able to hit a baseball with a 2 5/8 barrel. I also have had him to the balls with a iron rod that is about a 1/4 inch wide. He is getting better, but when we first tried the iron rod he couldn't hit many now he can hit about 30% of them and about 80% with the swift stik


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