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Re: insights into daughter's hitting form

Posted by: Steven V (steven@ars-inc.com) on Wed Jun 28 14:27:18 2006

> Hi,
> I have read many posts and found this forum to be a great resource of hitting.
> I video taped (http://www.sdlightning.org/movie/jess-hitting.html) my daughter's hitting off a pitching machine set at 50 MHP (she usually hits at 60 MHP; same distance). Would you be so kindly as to provide comments and insight to her hitting form?
> Thank you very much,


How old is your daughter and can you give me the specs. on the Easton bat she is using? Two observations from my viewpoint. First she may be straightening her lead arm a little early, resulting in lost bat speed / power. If she kept a little elbow flex in the lead arm during rotation through the ball you may find more pop and bat speed. Also, the video looked like the bat she was swinging may be too heavy. On some swings the ball actually looked to hesitate or push the bat back some at impact. Some of the best instruction and mechanics are ruined with too heavy of a bat. Other than that the swing to my eyes looked pretty darn good.

Steven V.
> Diego


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