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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Back Elbow Down

Posted by: blake (fastpitchrokz@aim.com) on Thu Jun 29 11:29:45 2006

hi umm i've been playing softball for 13 yrs. and i absolutely love it. i went to nationals when i was 12 and when i was younger i always played in the upper age groups. i checked out this website to see if there was any information that could help me with my batting. and in fact there is. but i had an important question. i've always been taught to keep my elbow up, as most kids have. i don't have a slow swing but i do know my bat could be alot faster. is there any tecnique you who recommend or anything i can do to break the habbit of keeping my elbow up, so that i can bring it down and tuck it in?


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