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Re: hitting

Posted by: Rich Forbus (forbusr@cox.net) on Mon Mar 2 21:59:14 2009


I purchased a Jugs soft toss machine and have worked with my son RJ by using the machine to line up the soft toss in front of the plate, in conjunction with using The Final Arc. After he adjusted (about six weeks of work) he is consistently pulling the ball to left (crushing it) and he is now hitting it in front of the plate on pitched balls. consistently His soft toss and repetition (50-100 balls a night, 5 days a week since the first week of January 2009) seem to have curbed the issue he had with being late and hitting to right field consistently.

Just for info, I have been using this with my Minors team in Little League for one month and a couple of my new hitters are actually picking it up when I can get them to use the techniques consistently. I just don't get the time with them I do with RJ.

Hope that works for you guys. Good luck.

Rich Forbus Las Vegas, NV



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