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Inside and outside pitches

Posted by: Shawn () on Wed Mar 4 10:13:16 2009


Maybe you can link some of your answers to questions regarding hitting the inside and outside pitches.

Is there a search feature for the user yet? I remember you saying something about this in the past.

Anyways, if you follow this link,


And then select one of the preview clips for the first product, adjusting inside and outside, instructional series 2.

I thought using the above clip and segment of the subject, might spark some interesting discussion on the subject. Since Don posted the clip, and there are many clips like this that I have and can't show. He made this one public, so we all can look at the same hitter, same view.

BTW, Your anti spam question in wrong. It asked who hit a record 70 home runs in one season, and the only baseball player listed is Barry Bonds. The answer to the question should be Mark McGwire for that question, and Barry Bonds should be who hit a record 73 home runs in a season. LOL, something I just noticed.


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