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Re: hitting

Posted by: Tbone (campbelltom@verizon.net) on Wed Mar 4 21:03:27 2009

It is exciting to work with strong kids that show promise. I have had a great deal of success focussing on 3 things. 1.The swing is turn not a shift or slide. Any move forward after the front foot is set is counter productive. Jack refers to this as the stationary axis. 2. Keep the wrist hinge through impact. The hands naturally start to release just before impact when you have made a full turn (rotationally). 3. Hammer the nail. The best swing thought I know to make it clear is to hammer a nail. You would not try to hit a nail with a hammer at a full extention or after releasing the hands. You naturally maintain the hinge. If you want to watch the best baseball swings in the world. Watch the PGA tour players swing and raise the path of the club off the ground. Best of Luck


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