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Re: to RQL

Posted by: RQL () on Mon Jun 18 15:57:18 2001

please see my respone to you down below under top hand torque specialist......it's easy for the post to get overlooked....respectfully, grc....... >>>>GRC,I saw a good ex. of the 2 ways with boston the other day.Offerman took a 2 strike fb for a soft liner over short with 2 strikes.His hands were in front of his body and the ball was down the middle.Then Ramirez comes up and drives a double over the rf wall and on replay you could see his hands were in line with his rear shoulder and the barrel was further back and aimed at the 4 hole at contact.He was in early rotation and seemed to be throwing the rear shoulder and hands at the spot the ball went.Maybe try taking a bat and swinging like you describe and letting the bat go and see how far it goes and where then try the 2nd way with rotation and let go of it [lefty] to ss it should feel similar to the full rotation where a lefty would let the bat fly over 2nd.Just let it go early and have hips shoulders and hands tight in that direction like all the power coming together at contact as you release the bat to short.


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