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Re: Re: Re: Fastpitch softball swing vs. baseball swing

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Fri Jul 14 00:01:01 2006

>>> Melvin..I guess you're suggesting that facing Randy Johnson is "comparatively" easier, than facing the speedballer from the local softball little league...eh?

You're wrong. Good bat mechanics are not based on how fast the pitcher is pitching. In the case of this guy's daughter, if her hands are past her back shoulder, then her arm is likely 'barring'. Essentially, her arm (lower hand) is too straight, no bend at the elbow. She needs to adjust her stance so that her arm (lower hand on the bat) makes a "V", with the elbow below her chin. This will speed up her bat speed. Barring the arm is a very common problem that hitters get into...and one that causes bad results (uppercuts and slow bat) all the time.

Also remember...bat speed, footspeed, and arm speed is genetic to a large extent. good mechanics will only bring the athlete so far. <<<

Hi Steve

While analyzing the best hitters swings, I found that some initiated the swing with their lead-arm bent (“V” shaped) as you advocate. However, I also found that other equally great hitters have their arm almost straight (or “barred’). Initiating their swing with a more “barred” lead-arm did not seem to “cause bad results (uppercuts and slow bat) all the time.” – I will place below an excerpt from a post I wrote on this topic.

Jack Mankin

Hi Grand Slam Man

Welcome to the site. – I normally do not like writing long posts either. I also find it more productive to limit the number of topics I cover in a post. So I warn you in advance, addressing your three questions and Paul’s comments could get lengthy.

(Question #1) – “In the Get Yure Arms eXTEnded, you have a picture of Grifey, and recommend a straight front leg and arm at impactu suppose to bend it to Drvie through the balll?”

If I interpret your question correctly, your main concern is correct use of the lead-arm during the swing. – Should it be bent (or “Boxed”) during rotation and then extend (or straighten) to contact? – Or, should the elbow remain at a more fixed angle (bent or straighter) from launch to contact?

From analyzing countless clips of the best hitters my conclusions are:

(1) Keeping the elbow at a fixed angle generates greater bat speed because it produces a more productive Circular-Hand-Path (CHP) and “Hook” effect. – Note: If the arm needs to straighten or bend more for pitch location, it should occur early in the swing (during initiation) – not toward contact.

(2) Extending the hands by straightening a bent lead-elbow to contact produces far less bat speed because it straightens out the hand-path and kills the “Hook” effect. -- Note: For those hitters who rotate with more bend in the elbow, most of the straightening occurs after contact – not to contact

There are a number of batting authorities that would disagree, so let’s not just take my word for it. There are about 50 clips of the best hitters at -http://www.youthbaseballcoaching.com/swings.html. If straightening a bent (or boxed) lead-arm to extend the hands to contact is what the best hitters do, we should be able to see it in a good percentage of these clips. How many can you find?

The overhead view is best for studying the lead-arm. Note the lack of lead-arm action to contact in these clips.

Here is a clip of Bagwell. He has a boxed lead-arm in his stance. But, note that the arm straightened during initiation – not later to extend the hands to contact.

Here are a couple hitters who could be accused of “Barring” the arm at initiation. They even keep it straight all the way to contact. -- Shame, Shame on them.

Grand Slam Man, the post is already getting long. I will pause here to let you and others respond to my comments. I will address your other questions soon.

Jack Mankin


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