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Re: 9 year old to relax

Posted by: drluggo (drluggo@earthlink.net) on Sat Jul 15 19:32:06 2006

> I need help getting my son to relax,he has just started this,he is playing all stars now and most of the kids are 10,he hits good in practice and all season he hit well,any suggestions?

Your son is nervous. He is probably in his first competetive situation and he is a bit overwhelmed. If this a 9-10 all star team, let him soak in the experience and learn as much as he can playing with the older kids. Then next year he will be the guy who played on the team "last" year and has all of the experience.

My nine year old was one of two nines on a 9-10 year old all star team this year that lost ealry in the NY tournament. When I coach his regular season games he is a catcher, pitcher and 3B. He played left field on this team, which basically consisted of three weeks of daily practice since they lost so early. I never would have put him in the outfield, so I think the experience was valuable to him.

I don't know you or your situation, but I have seen kids that are exceptional players become quite tense when people are constantly yelling advice to them. Try this. If your kid has a bad day at batting practice, say nothing to him on the field (even if you notice an obvious problem). Then on the way home take him out for ice cream and offer your advice in a constructive way. He will be much more attentive. YOUR job is to make sure the advice you give him is correct and given in a language that he can understand. Throwing cliches out to him like "elbow up" and "keep your head in there" are pointless and a waste of everybody's time.

Hope this helps,


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