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Re: Re: Re: International swings

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sat Mar 14 13:44:20 2009

It won't matter what Tony Gwynn is teaching anyway. The Latin countries hitters will completely bypass US hitters in the next 20 years. They teach their hitters to smoke the ball and we teach ours that merely throwing your hands at the ball is good enough. I'd love to know what the knob of the bat has to do with hitting. My only opinion on bat knobs is that a bell knob acts as a very good counterbalance on the bat head. Unfortunately, most of our hitters find out they have been trained wrong at high school when they find out they can't hit it past fast infielders or over the outfielders heads or smash the gaps. I regularly see great youth baseball players get "professional level" hitting instruction and most of it is poor, uncertain, and confusing. Best hitting advice for my son came from a Dominican that watched him hit and said don't change anything about your swing and don't let someone else try to change it either. His hitting foundation was almost entirely built (85-90%) around the information taught on this web site. One hundred and eighteen pounds and I've seen him hit 280-290 feet with low to mid 70MPH bat speed using a drop 3. If todays instructors aren't teaching rotation and leverage they are producing a significantly inferior hitter. It really is sad with all the technology today and video that hitting instructors can't produce better hitters or even accurately communicate hitting fundamentals. Merely making contact is not a worthy objective for a hitter. Imagine if Tiger Woods only worked on putting and was taught not to drive or long shot. If a hitting coach hasn't read the books written by Ted Williams, Charlie Lau, Mike schmidt, this web site, Epstein and experimented and determined the truth then they probably shouldn't be teaching hitting.

> > "knob to the ball swings and related college coach garbage?"
> >
> > Tony Gwynn would beg to differ with you on the knob to the ball concept.
> >
> > Look Coach Ab Tony Gwynn Doesn't know much man. Yeah he was great but he teaches swings thta good hitters do not do. He might have thought he did some of the things he talks about but he didn't. And Besides it's not what you did it's what you know. Otherwise San deigo State would hit which they do not and they are always at the top of the recruting feild getting good players but he ruins them. It can't always just be my hitters suck. Coaches like Gwynn need to take a look and say am I really helping or is my ego getting in the way.
> >
> >
> >
> > > Jack, aren't the swings of the Cubans just gorgeous? Weren't they one of the first groups you identified years ago that used efficient transfer mechanics?
> > >
> > > All the swings are the same, 1-9, and anybody can go deep and anybody can double the other way and anyone can draw a walk.
> > >
> > > Remember the college teams we used to send to get massacred by them in international tournaments, with their stupid college coach downswings and knob to the ball swings and related college coach garbage?


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