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Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Tue Mar 17 11:06:50 2009

tony gwynn probally took a much more chp then he realized .when he loads and pulls the bat head behind his head and begins pulling the knob which he says he did into a straight line to the ball .the knob is really taking a circular path follwed by the hands try this yourself slowly pull the knob with top hand torque the knob shouldn t have moved foward but now should be pointing foul of the first base coaches box if bat right 3rd if bat lefty as jack says the bat will be paralell with the cathers shoulders now slowly keep pulling the knob and for a very short time it will be pointing at the ball and pitchers mound but continues in a circular path to contact i belive the high finish is trying to get his shoulders involved at contact i think jack looks at the whole batting swing while others see just parts of it and thats what they teach . gwynn said he once saw a still picture of arron swing with his knob facing the ball but didnt see the whole swing lucky for him he some how filled in the missing pieces correctly


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