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Re: Re: what is the fastest softball picth

Posted by: Dave P (cdpaetkau@telus.net) on Tue Jul 18 16:17:45 2006

> " fun stories about Jennie Finch striking out MLB players"
> You have to see what happened when she pitched to Bond's. Bond's was basically toying with everything she had.

Hi Not Quite Right

I disagree with you about Bonds toying with Jennie. I think that Bonds was unwilling to take a full swing so that he did not embarrass himself. It is way easier to hit the ball if you are just lightly taking a short swing then taking a full cut to hit the ball hard.

Do you rembember Jennie two years ago when she struck out all but one major league players which included Giles, Loretta and others.

Dave P


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