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Re: Re: Re: wrapping the bat

Posted by: Sandman () on Mon Mar 23 12:10:14 2009

> How can I be sure it is or is not a problem? Is there ant tell tale signs? IF a problem what adjustments can be made? He plays AAU and they video taped some soft toss swings and said something about him wrapping. Can and should we try and avoid changes now just before the season stars? I was telling him to try and keep his hands inside the ball.... my thinking was to try and stop him getting long and around the ball and hope to keep him short to the ball...... any thoughts?

Soft toss is for reps and timing, not evaluating mechanics. I wouldn't change anything til I'd seen video of live pitching swings (or at least machine or short toss from the front). Anything where the hitter is looking sideways as he loads can cause things that just wouldn't show up vs. pitching.


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