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Re: Girls softball

Posted by: bob (bob@bobburnett.com) on Mon Jul 24 04:38:00 2006

> I coach 14u girls softball. I bought your DVD and tried my best to teach what you say. I video taped a bunch of swings from each of the girls. I noticed that many really improved and their swings looked great from start to impact. But right at impact it looks like the ball throws of the plane of the bat.
> It's almost as if the ball has more force than the bat does does. Because when they swing and miss, the swing and follow thru looks great. But when they hit the ball, the follow thru usually isn't as full.
> Is it because they just aren't strong enough yet, or am I missing something? Any help is appreciated

Maybe experiment with a slightly heavier bat. Although if they're all doing it, it may be a combination of factors that include the age, individual's strength and the weight of the bat.

My daughter (11) commented that on her best hits it feels like she's "checking" her swing. What I found out was that when she makes good contact the weight of the ball significantly slows down her bat. I asked here and other places about this, got a variety of different answers, and decided that a) if she's getting good hits, I shouldn't try to find something wrong with it. and b) she should probably be using the heaviest bat that she can generate good batspeed with. Until I figure out "b", I will be satisfied knowing that batspeed at impact (not after) is what's most important.

Good luck!


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