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Re: balance at the plate

Posted by: rql () on Tue Mar 24 17:57:01 2009

> My son has problems with balance. He seems like he likes to get on his toes more than the balls of his feet when the pitch is thrown and on pitches where he takes he is not balanced but normally is lunging foward or over the plate. Are there any drills to work on balance at the plate or keep from staying back/ staying centered to not want to fall foward or over the plate during the pitch.

try this,tell him to think of his rear leg is a peg leg like a pirate[yeah this is out there]anyway he has to balance on only this small point of the stick,now think this stick is in his shoe and it sticks down below the shoe right at his instep not heel not ball of foot but right on the middle instep of the rear foot this is the balance point and keep his weight there until he begins to rotate into his swing.


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