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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: How can I increase my bat speed?

Posted by: Gameth (daggar1@yahoo.com) on Tue Jul 25 13:44:48 2006

> > Where can I purchase resistance bands specifically for hitting?
> >
> >
> >
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> > > Bat speed is best achieved by stretching the shoulder muscles, NOT by building up the strength in them. Use limited resistance but with speed training in mind. In-other-words use quick, light weighted reps with good resistance. I find that the large rubber bands (or surgical tubing) work wonders for this. Any exercise done with heavy weights for more that 8 seconds will begin to build strength in the shoulder and ONLY benefit the endurance of the athlete. Try quick-speed training and you will achieve maximum results and prepare you for game time.

Where do you get your info? That is a load. Greatest batspeed increases have been seen when players use slightly heavier (3%) bats then the one they use in a game coupled with their game weight bat for training. Using the slightly heavier bat for 3 sets of 15 swings followed by 3 sets of game weight or lighter bat for 15 swings. This is done 3 days a week. The best way to build a fast swing is to swing fast, over and over and over. This has been studied in labs and proven. It was interesting to read that swinging a bat 3% heavier then the game bat before going up to the plate decreased batspeed. It was also noted in another study that just a routine workout program increased bat speed after 8 weeks. Stretching your shoulders is not going to generate more speed. Infact it will decrease speed and strength immediately after the stretch.

Hope some of that makes sense.


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