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Re: Re: Rotational

Posted by: Hitnrun22 (Hitnrun22@yahoo.com) on Sat Mar 28 21:20:07 2009

> >>> I was reviewing the website. I don't know, this seems like a bit of hair-splitting and then repackaging. Pujols and ARod are Lau theory to a tee. Call it what you will, but knob to ball, head down, front-toe closed, and top hand release is, simply put, Charley Lau 101. What is the significant difference between what Lau taught and what you suggest? I think it is a fair question since you are posting Pujols as a rotational hitter when Pujols and Tony LaRussa -- themselves -- would tell you different. Thank you for your reply in advance. I just want to understand. All the best, Rick <<<
> Hi Rick
> I developed the rotational swing model presented on this site in 1988. After ten years of discussing the model's principles on the site's Discussion Board, those principles remain unchanged. I think you will find that Lau Jr.s' material was presented well after I presented my model. So I am not sure what (or whose) "repackaging" you are referring to. Also, since you appear to think, "Pujols and ARod are Lau theory to a tee" rather than the rotational principles I teach, I would be interested in how you classify the mechanics and principles Lau promotes?
> Rick, I am not up to date with what Lau teaches. But if you have a problem with any of the batting principles on the site, feel free to point them out.
> Jack Mankin


Are you trying to take credit for the Lau principles?


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