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Re: Re: Rotational

Posted by: Rick (rickmiller33@gmail.com) on Sun Mar 29 16:27:06 2009

I see something different: knob to ball, barrel behind the hands, wrists snap, and top hand release -- ala Charlie Lau. The ruse is saying that because the bat head must circle around, it is rotational. Yes, at some point the barrel needs to come around which would cause the knob to lead, but that is all by-product. Knob to ball is a bit little league, but the point is that Pujols keeps his hands inside the ball, leading the barrel to point of contact. Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more: rickmiller33@gmail.com

> I just saw a post that albert pujolis pulls his knob straight to the ball but watching a film of albert batting when albert first starts his swing the knob points to the first base coaches box continues in a circular path pointing at the pitcher then by contact the bat knob is pointing at the third base side dugout forming a circular hand path


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