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3 Best Tips - Youth

Posted by: Terry (barbsyd@yahoo.com) on Wed Apr 1 07:59:09 2009

Looking for 3 basic tips to introduce to my 9 - 11 baseball team. Some of the boy's are fairly experienced and some are relative newbies to the game. When it comes to hitting, what are the most important and easily absorbed practices to teach? how are they best taught to a grouop of kids simultaneously. Practice time is very limited (2 hours per week)so individual training is not really an option. I will introduce one of these at each practice so not to overwhelm them with too much info. My thoughts are:

1) Basic Stance - Bat straight up, back foot planted, knuckles lined up, bend knees and relax)
2) Basic swing mechanics (stay above the ball, turn hips, back elbow in, swing level through the strike zone and follow through)
3) Fielding - Keep glove down and open, shufle rather then cross over when moving for a grounder. Stay behind fly balls and always use 2 hands.

Thanks for any other ideas...


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