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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jack how do we Learn how to become a homerun hitter?

Posted by: zig ziegler (zigz@motiondnacorp.com) on Fri Jul 28 23:37:48 2006

Bat Speed and Bat Weight are impact by the users summation of forces and energy absorbtion. Question: When can a 5ft10in, 150 pound hitter....hit the ball as far as a 6ft 5in, 250 pound hitter.

The answer: When the smaller hitter uses the ground, his body, and his bat more efficiently, not effectively.

(this is assuming the two hitters make contact at the exact same angle and at the same spot on the ball... at the same time with the ball moving at the same velocity for each).

Stability is more important than bat speed (don't get me wrong, speed is important), but the repeatability of the swing and consistent contact is sacrificed all too often today by athletes swinging too fast in their quest to swing the bat with more speed.


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