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Re: hitting

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Thu Apr 2 05:07:46 2009

> hi no one enjoys this hitting site and discussions more then myself . thou I belive many times the experts are saying the same things just in a different way.. and thats were the disagreements come in .one instructor by phone told me there is no such thing as top hand torque . I bought his tapes and hes working with J barfield and saying he is not sloting his back elbow the correct way .I think bringing down the back elbow to the side at the start of the swing brings on bat torque two instructors will see the same swing both can correctly evaluate it, just use different terminology to explain it and thats what makes the dicussions so interresting
> Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Wed Apr 1 17:53:59 2009
> hi torque the batters front foot causes as many problems for hitters as any other body part whether its bailing out or over striding, with the front foot less is best. He might have a little fear of being hit by the ball ,with same side pitcher and batter just about the point of release a batter for a split second cant see the ball just the pitchers arm coming foward at him. thats were most bailing out takes place IF the other suggestions dont work i might try no stride in practice .spread his feet wide enough that he wont stride have his front heel off the ground have him bring the frontt heel down and swing right from there no foward movement . albert pujols hits with no stride also joe mauer sells a product quick swingwhen set upcorrectly it can be helpful you load stride hold the correct postion wait for see the ball then hit it after many correct loads and strides it might make correct muscle memory good luck

I agree the front foot seems to cause a lot of timing and swing related issues. My theory with kids is that in order compensate for their lack of strength they step out to generate more power and swing harder. Some are afraid of the ball as well. The longer the foot is in the air or in motion then the higher the risk something is going to go wrong from a timing standpoint.


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