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Little League Pitching (correct answer)

Posted by: Brandon () on Thu Apr 2 08:55:21 2009

This article is a little old and probably not being read by anyone anymore, but why do you get tired of hearing about kids that throw that fast? I'm 21 now, currently in rehab for hurting my bicep/shoulder/elbow from hurting my arm when I was 11. I topped out around 80mph at that age before I hurt it. Probably can't break 70 currently now- lol.- I knew I shouldn't have tried the curve that young, but I idolized Pedro, Kerry, and all the high velocity pitchers when I was younger. I think someone needs to reinforce to kids that it is just not okay to throw the junk at that age. Maybe, K-Rod, Dice-K, or any of the big names of today?


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