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Re: Help understand the torque

Posted by: Jack Mankin (MrBatspeed@aol.com) on Sat Jul 29 14:21:21 2006

>>> I am still trying to understand the torque explanation of the bottom hand going back, etc. Can anyone explain this in different terms so I can better understand what to do? thanks <<<

Hi Shellea

Applying torque to the handle of the bat uses the same principle as used when using a -4-prong tire wrench to turn a nut. The 4-prong wrench allows the force from both hands (pushing or pulling in opposite directions) to apply a rotational force on the nut. With a single arm tire wrench, only the force from one hand is present.

The same principle is true in rotating the bat-head with torque. More rotational force is applied to accelerate the bat-head when one hand is pulling in one direction while the other is pushing in the opposite direction. Therefore, the best hitters' mechanics have the bottom-hand being pulled rearward (toward the catcher) as their top-hand is being pushed forward.

The average hitter’s mechanics has the lead-elbow bent during rotation and then straightens the elbow to extend the bottom-hand to contact. This means the bottom-hand is not applying a rearward force on the handle and the drive of the top-hand is left solely responsible for supplying torque – “torque” single arm tire wrench.

The best hitters do not straighten a flexed lead-elbow to extend the bottom-hand. They maintain their elbow angle from initiation to contact. By maintaining the same elbow angle, the rotation of the lead-shoulder back toward the catcher at contact causes the bottom-hand to be pulling rearward as body rotation is driving the top-hand forward – “torque” 4-prong example.

Here is a clip where I demonstrate “torque” -- http://www.batspeed.com/media/TorqueHigh.wmv

Jack Mankin


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