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Re: Re: Front leg not stiffening

Posted by: Jerome (crossover93@yahoo.com) on Thu Apr 2 19:43:51 2009

> > When I plant my front foot and begin to rotate my hips and shoulders, my front knee
> > bent and forcing my leg straight feels unnatural.
> >
> > Any advice as to what I can do to fix this?
> try turning your hips more with your head over the inside of the rear thigh,as you turn
your head will be more centered,often a weight shift that moves the head over the front
leg stops good rotation ,locks the hips and keeps the lead knee bent,tuen your belly
button to the pitcher fast.

Ok, just to clarify, I should feel more weight being held on the inside of my rear leg? I took
some swings following your advice and I stayed much lower on the ball and felt I was
swinging and hitting harder. Thanks a ton, I just wanted to make sure I was doing the
right thing, focusing on keeping my head back.


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