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Re: Re: shoulder turn leads to bat wrap

Posted by: Torque (roscoethewestie@comcast.net) on Sun Apr 5 18:59:10 2009

> mike your load seems to be right in line with batspeed mechanics. two things I would check are when you turn in to load can you still see the pitcher with both eyes esp check the rear eye.and if you get the rear arm much higher then horizontal the bat can wrap around your head other wise you should be ok

Mike if you can turn on a high quality inside fastball and hit offspeed I wouldn't worry about the shoulder turn the coach is talking about. The true test in hitting is if you can hit good pitching hard. The only adjustments you should make are the ones that help you hit harder and more consistently. If you hit hard and consistent then you can work on being a smarter hitter and see the ball well. Too many times hitters get smarter and work on seeing better but it is often later when they could have been much better younger. I agree with Jerry, make sure you see the ball well.


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