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Re: jumping at pitches

Posted by: jerry (220 hitter) on Mon Apr 6 20:53:49 2009

hi alex balance is one of the conerstones of batting.go to the swing mechanics on this site and look at the pre launch section, they show how to counter rotate the upper and lower body .The swing doesnt start until the front heel comes down once that happens there is very littlefoward movement .Two things I know that make a batter lunge foward are bringing his hands foward when he strides refer to the pre launch section to stop that.second is landing with a stiff back leg which allows the back knee and ankle to come sideways and foward towards the pitcher which would also cause the hands to come foward.i would try the no stide drill have son spread feet about his bat length apart have his back heel on the ground but front heel off the ground have him rotate into pre launch postion and explain the swing doesnt start until the front heel comes down and have him hit soft toss or a bag like in jack mankins tapes good luck


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